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To facilitate the On-boarding Process to the EU Hub, EMVO provides a user-friendly web-based “EMVO Onboarding Partner Portal (OBP Portal)” that guides the user step by step through the process.

The following instructions will help the OBPs to follow the On-boarding workflow.

As a first step of the registration process, a company’s representative visits the EMVO website and registers on the OBP Portal. Any delegate of the OBP can request access to the OBP Portal.

That person is called “Initial Requester” (IR). The Initial Requester will receive personal login credentials for the OBP Portal. To be granted access, the Initial Requester has to provide basic information at the time of the first log-in.

Please note that the Initial Requester will have a ‘read only’- view to the OBP Portal as soon as the Participation Agreement is approved (Step 2.4 of the OBP Portal).

From that moment the person announced as the Single Point of Contact (SPOC) in Step 2.2 of the OBP Portal receives their credentials.

This intends to ensure the security of the system and the accuracy of the information provided since it is the responsibility of the SPOC to confirm that the information provided on the OBP Portal is

correct. If the Initial Requester and the SPOC are the same person, the initial credentials can be reused, and the role of the Initial Requester will be automatically changed to SPOC to make sure they can change inputted data.

When the Legitimacy Check has been successfully completed, the SPOC Assistant, which is appointed in Step 2.2 of the OBP Portal, will receive credentials to support the SPOC during the Technical On-boarding and the data maintenance.

At the moment the Technical On-boarding is reached, the access of the Initial Requester will be revoked to make sure that only the SPOC and/or the SPOC Assistant will have access.

For more information, please consult point Moreover, if your company acts as an OBP and represents MAH(s) that is/are Original Pack Manufacturer(s) holding the marketing authorisation for the FMD-affected products and, at the same time, represents MAH(s) that is/are Parallel Distributor(s), please advise EMVO through the Helpdesk (helpdesk@emvomedicines.eu).

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