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How to access the EMVO Gateway?
How to access the EMVO Gateway?
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In order to access the EMVO Gateway, the OBP will be asked to execute the following 3 steps:

a) After the OBP has decided to connect to the EU Hub via the EMVO Gateway and selected this option in either step 4.2 ’Client Connection 1’ or in step 4.3 ‘Client Connection 2’ on the OBP Portal, the Single Point of Contact (SPOC) can request access to the EMVO Gateway.

To do so, send an e-mail to the EMVO Helpdesk ( with following information:

- Company name
- CP Number - the number appearing on the OBP’s account and in the Participation Agreement

- SPOC’s First Name and Last Name
- SPOC’s E-mail address
- Environment (IQE/PRD)

This action should be taken before the OBP reaches the step “Request session token” in IQE or PRD environment in Step 4 of the OBP Portal.

b) The credentials and URL to the EMVO Gateway portal will be sent to the SPOC through the following email: (please be aware that it might appear in your Junk folder).

c) The SPOC receives the information pack to complete the EMVO Gateway connection. The EMVO team generates and uploads a Session Token in the OBP Portal for the requested connection. To be able to access the EMVO Gateway portal properly, the SPOC will be advised, via email, on the next steps to complete the connection.

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