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What is the amount of the On-boarding Fee and what is included?
What is the amount of the On-boarding Fee and what is included?
Written by Tracy Slosse
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The On-boarding Fee is a one-time fee which covers the administrative costs related to the On-boarding process, the costs attached to the legitimacy check and the technical costs of connecting the On-boarding Partners (OBP) with all its MAHs to the EU Hub.

The On-Boarding fee is fixed independently from the countries in which the MAHs are active and/or registered. The fees are fixed for all OBPs as displayed below.

Number of MAHs represented



6.750 €

2 MAHs

13.500 €

3 to 5 MAHs

18.000 €

6 to 12 MAHs

22.500 €

More than 12 MAHs

45.000 €

Please be informed that an MAH needs to pay a recurring fee to the National System that serves the territory for which the MAH has received an authorisation. Such recurring fee is defined by the respective National Medicines Verification Organisation (NMVO) managing and operating the National System and it is the fee that financially supports the EMVS. The amount, payment cycle etc. depends on the corresponding NMVO policy.

Please contact the respective NMVO for further information on the due fees. You will find the NMVOs' Contacts on our Webpage. If your corresponding NMVO is not listed there, it is not yet found.

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