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EMVO Gateway - Login Instruction
EMVO Gateway - Login Instruction
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To successfully create your Organization in the EMVO Gateway, please login in the EMVO Gateway portal and create a new organization to your account. This login must be done in:

We would advise you that the session token provided has 24h of validation, therefore, if this time exceeds a new Session Token must be required via the OBP Portal. Session Token are provided manually every day upon request on the Portal. After you request them in the Portal you will receive a Session Token within 24h.

You will have then to login with the credentials provided by Melior Solutions. Once the login is done you will create a new Organization pressing first on the left Menu “ADMIN” and then “Create New Organization” as in the pictures below:

In the new window the following information is needed to create a new organization:

In this section you have to provide the following information:

· Name

· Certificate (.pfx)[1]

· Certificate Password

· Current Session Token

[1] The description how to create a .pfx file can be found in the document EMVO_0117 Creating CSR files which is part of the Technical info pack in step 4 of your OBP Portal.

The new Token generated by EMVO team must be found in your OBP Site as shown in the pictures below:

and then:

Once all steps are concluded a new organization must be created in the EMVO Gateway.

Please be aware that to upload data to the EU-Hub you must create users and groups with different levels of permissions.

The EMVO Gateway is divided in two different user accesses:

- User Management - Create Users and Groups

The first access to the User Management Site should be done with the Master account - Account created by Melior Solutions.

The master account can create admin users, users and groups, however it does not have permissions within the Organisation Management - this means that the Master Account will have "Restricted" Access to this Site. Therefore it is needed to create the users and groups which will be assigned to the Organisation and Sources with the right and intended levels of permissions.

- Organisation Management - Create Organisation, Sources and Upload Date to the EU-Hub

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