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Can I modify all information of the Contractual On-Boarding Part?
Can I modify all information of the Contractual On-Boarding Part?
Written by Tracy Slosse
Updated over a week ago
  • The OBP can maintain in step 5.1 MAH information already provided in Step 2.7. For the purpose of the Legitimacy Check, the OBP was required to provide MAH and products information in step 2.7. Please note that in Step 5 – “Maintenance”, while information on products is no longer required, the OBP is requested to provide EMVO with the full list of the MAHs it will be uploading data for in the EU Hub. This list has to be complete and updated according to any change.

  • All detailed company information, except the company type, can be updated. Please contact our Helpdesk if your company name, company registration number or address has changed.

  • The OBP can also modify the SPOC and the SPOC assistant contact details.

  • The OBP can view and/or download the latest Participation Agreement applicable. Whenever an updated Participation Agreement will be made available, the OBP will be requested to sign the new version of the contract and follow the procedure accordingly.

  • The Invoicing Information Form can be viewed or downloaded. In case more MAHs are registered in the OBP Portal than mentioned on the already approved Invoicing Information Form, the Invoicing Form will be rejected in order for you to restart the invoicing process.

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