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Will EMVO charge additional fees after on-boarding?
Will EMVO charge additional fees after on-boarding?
Written by Tracy Slosse
Updated over a week ago

The On-Boarding Fee is a one-time fee. However, if you upload data in the EU Hub for more MAHs than initially paid for, you will be invoiced for the additional MAH(s). The calculation will be based on the new MAH category and the initial amount paid.

Number of MAHs represented



6.750 €

2 MAHs

13.500 €

3 to 5 MAHs

18.000 €

6 to 12 MAHs

22.500 €

More than 12 MAHs

45.000 €


  • Company A initially paid the fee for 1 MAH: 6.750€.

  • Company A now wants to add a second MAH to their OBP Portal. The fee for 2 MAHs is 13.500€.

  • Since Company A already paid for 1 MAH, they will be invoiced:

    13.500€ (Fee for 2 MAHs) - 6.750€ (Initial fee paid) = 6.750€.

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