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AMS - Who will be able to create users access?
AMS - Who will be able to create users access?
Written by Lorenzo Mari
Updated over a week ago

Following the AMS Lilith release (AMS Hub2.0.0 AMS Portal 2.0.0) Admin users (SPOC or SPOC assistants) can create users through the AMS Portal.

In order to use the AMS Portal, global users must be created first. This is available when the “User List” is selected on the left menu and “Add User(s)” is clicked.

There are only 3 mandatory details needed to be filled in: First name, Last name and Email.

The first account for the OBP SPOC or SPOC assistant will have to be requested through our helpdesk (

For further clarification on this article please feel free to contact the EMVO Helpdesk.

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