What is the letter of adhesion?
Written by Tracy Slosse
Updated over a week ago

The Letter of Adhesion is to be signed by a Marketing Authorisation Holder (“MAH”) and addressed to the On-boarding Partner that represents this MAH with regards to the data upload onto the European Hub. It is foreseen and required in the Participation Agreement for the Operational Phase to ensure adhesion of the MAHs to the Agreement.

In order to facilitate the work of the OBPs, EMVO provides two templates of “Letter of Adhesion". One for OBPs located within the European Economic Area (“EEA”) and one for OBPs located outside this area (“non-EEA”) on its Website.

Please note that this Letter needs to be internally executed and be put in place between the OBP and its MAHs (the OBP Affiliates) only. The OBPs are not required to send any Letter back to EMVO unless explicitly requested by EMVO to do so.

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