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General | Onboarding Process - Definition, Connection Provider, Direct Connection
General | Onboarding Process - Definition, Connection Provider, Direct Connection
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A OBP Connection Provider is a third-party contractor engaged by the OBP, who assists in whole or part of the development, implementation, provision, use and/or operation of the OBP interface to the EU Hub via a Gateway Connection. Every OBP Connection Provider has to be promoted by at least one OBP in the On-boarding Process.

The difference between a Gateway Connection and Direct connection is as follows:

A Gateway Connection is an out-of-the-box solution that can be easily provided for several OBP’s, without needing too much customization. As soon as an OBP using a Gateway Connection has a technically certified product, allowing him to connect in PRD environment, the following OBPs using the same product will be allowed to skip the testing phase. This means that those OBPs will not have to go through ITE and will directly have access to IQE. The Connection Provider developing Gateway Connections needs to sign a contract (License Agreement) with EMVO, before developing their product.
Direct Connections are tailor-made customized products. This means that each product will be significantly different for each OBP. Therefore, a full test cycle needs to be performed for each OBP. Though, the OBP will have to go through ITE and IQE before getting access to PRD.

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