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General | Onboarding Process - Definition, OBP
General | Onboarding Process - Definition, OBP
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Please find the definition of an EMVO On-boarding Partner (OBP) below.

1.) OBP is the contracting part of EMVO and concludes the PA.

2.) The OBP is legally authorized to sign on behalf of a MAH / a group of MAHs.

3.) The OBP has to be affiliated to a MAH / a group of MAHs.

4.) OBP Affiliate(s) agree(s) in writing to be bound, jointly and severally with the OBP, by and to observe all terms, limitations and conditions applying to the OBP as set forth in the PA.

5.) The group of MAHs represented by the OBP consists of either MAHs/Original pack manufacturers or Holder of a Parallel Distribution License or Distribution Notice/Parallel Distributors

6.) The OBP should be domiciled in Europe EEA/EU. It can be one of the European registered MAH's if it fulfills the requirements 1 to 5.

Affiliation is defined as, in relation to a Party, any other entity Controlling, Controlled or under common Control with the Party. "Control" and its derivatives mean either the holding, directly or indirectly, of 50% or more than 50% ownership interest or the statutory or de facto authority to exercise a decisive influence on the appointment of the majority of directors or managers or the orientation of policy provided it is, at EMVO's own absolute discretion, sufficiently proven.

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