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General | Onboarding Process - OBP/MAH Configurations
General | Onboarding Process - OBP/MAH Configurations
Updated over a week ago

it is possible to On-board (a) MAH(s) separately, though there is already a registered OBP. (A) MAH(s) can On-board separately, hence registering and On-boarding as/under a separate OBP. However, EMVO will apply the On-boarding fee depending on the amount of MAHs per OBP.

Moreover, please note that in general, one MAH can only be associated to one OBP. Only in the case of a hybrid company, a double application of one MAH to two separate OBPs is possible. A hybrid MAH is an entity, which is a Parallel Distributor (PD) and an Original Pack Manufacturer (OPM) at the same time.

Please note, that regarding the organisation type, a separate On-boarding of MAHs under a separate OBP also might be necessary, as an OBP can ONLY represent either OPMs(Original Product Manufacturer) or PDs (Parallel Distributor) .

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