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OBP Portal | CER - from .p7b to .pfx
Updated over a week ago

In order to generate the .pfx file, you would have to download the .p7b file from the step related to the IQE – Certificate (CER). After you have downloaded the .p7b file, you should store it in the .bin folder, which should be located in the OpenSSL program installation folder.

Once you have placed the .p7b in the .bin folder, you should open up the “OpenSSL.exe”, (Just in case, we kindly ask you to open it up as an administrator to prevent any possible permissions not allowed issues) and enter the following information:

line 2

pkcs7 -print_certs -in certificate-IQEHub.P7B -out XXXX.cer

(please note that the "XXXX" can be changed to something else, for example fePharma, but it would have to be named the same in every line where the "XXXX" is requested)

After this, a .cer file should appear into the .bin folder, as soon as you receive confirmation that the .cer file is indeed present in the .bin folder, we kindly ask you to enter the next following information:

line 3

pkcs12 -export -in XXXX.cer -inkey XXXX.key -out XXXX.pfx

As soon as you enter this, the program will require you to insert a password. Please note that nothing will pop up as you type, this is due to security reasons.

After this you would have to confirm the password one more time. Once this has been done, the .pfx file should be generated in the .bin folder. As soon as you receive confirmation that this is indeed the case, you will be able to access the EMVO Gateway IQE environment with this generated file.

Please make sure to save the password somewhere, as this is required to create an organization in the EMVO Gateway.

You can also view the video with the different steps here:


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