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OBP Portal | Other - Access, Credentials (IR, SPOC, SPOC Assistant)
OBP Portal | Other - Access, Credentials (IR, SPOC, SPOC Assistant)
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Only 3 people receive credentials to enter the OBP Portal.

1. The Initial Requester (IR)

The IR has to validate his email address first. This can be done by clicking the link in the letter is sent to the IR and has the name “EMVO OBP Portal: Request registered”. The IR receives his credentials also via email. The email containing the credentials has the name “EMVO OBP Portal: Your new site details” and just like the previous letter, it is sent from the email address

When the SPOC contact details are filled-in on the Portal, the credentials of the IR are revoked. This feature was implemented for security reasons, as the SPOC is the only person responsible for the accuracy of the information provided.

2. Single Point of Contact (SPOC)

The SPOC also receives his credentials via the email after the Participation Agreement is approved. The credentials are sent from the same address - The letter has the name "EMVO OBP Portal: SPOC invitation details".

In the event the IR is the same person as the SPOC, she will be able to access the OBP Portal with the credential received in the first place, if she clicks on the “I’M SPOC” button.

3. SPOC Assistant

The SPOC can appoint a SPOC Assistant on the OBP Portal in Step 2.2 “Single Point of Contact and Assistant Information” by clicking the button “SPOC Assistant” as a back-up. This is optional. The SPOC Assistant will receive his credentials after passing Step 3 “Approvals”.

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