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AMS - How to reset your AMS Portal Password
AMS - How to reset your AMS Portal Password

How to reset password and sign into the AMS Portal

Written by Lorenzo Mari
Updated over a week ago

After accessing the AMS Portal, the OBP will log in for the first time. To do so, the OBP will have to reset the password to the Portal. This will have to be done for each environment.

After clicking on “Forgot your password?” the OBP will be redirected to the verification page.

The OBP will enter their email address in the fields: “Sign in name” and “Email address” and click on “Send verification code”.

The OBP will receive a verification code by email, will type the code received by email in the dedicated section, and verify the code. The OBP will be able to reset the password and proceed to logging in.

For further clarification on this article please feel free to contact the EMVO Helpdesk.

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