AMS - How to change the alert status
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How to change the alert status

This action can be taken from the alert list page on one, multiple or all alerts displayed on the page. Note that by selecting all alerts, only the displayed alerts will be affected by the action taken.

After selecting the alert(s), the OBP/MAH will click on the “change status” button.

The status of one alert can also be done through the Alert details page, to access the page the OBP/MAH clicks on the icon.

And the alert details pages will be displayed, to change the status of this alert the OBP/MAH click on the “change status” button.

The “change status” box will appear, and the OBP/MAH will pick the new status and the reason for the status change. The reason is mandatory with the exception of the “under investigation” status.

The OBP/MAH also has the possibility to add a custom reason by using the “Other (comment)”, in this case the number of characters is limited to 500.

Once the status and reason selected the OBP/MAH clicks on confirm and the action will be executed.

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