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What is a designated wholesaler?
What is a designated wholesaler?
Written by Tracy Slosse
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A designated wholesaler is a company (sales affiliate/licensee/co-marketer and holder of a wholesale distribution authorisation), designated through a license/agreement with the Marketing Authorisation Holder (MAH) to place the product on the market.

When a product is received from a company licensed / holding an agreement with the MAH (co-marketer) to place this product on the market, such an entity (holder of a wholesale distribution authorisation) SHALL BE listed.

The MAH needs to check nationally their respective supply arrangements to ensure that the entity which is designated by or on behalf of the MAH, by means of a written contract, to store and distribute the products covered by his marketing authorisation, on that particular market, is listed in the master data.

You can find more information on Wholesalers/Pre-Wholesalers in the Appendix 5 of the EMVS Master Data Guide and in the Designated Wholesaler episode of the EMVO Webcast Series.

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