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AMS - How to export alerts from the AMS Portal?
AMS - How to export alerts from the AMS Portal?
Written by Lorenzo Mari
Updated over a week ago

There are two ways of exporting alerts to .CSV format from the Alert Management window:

1. Export all alert,

2. Export selected.

When clicking on the “Export all alerts” button, it will show a date interval field to choose from which period alerts should be exported (NOTE: date interval cannot exceed 31 days range).

Then the confirmation window will be presented if the user intends to export for the given period by clicking “confirm” button.

The report generation might take up to a few minutes to be ready to download. The user will see a notification icon under their name (Figure 6.6) in the upper right corner. Clicking on the notification icon will give the notifications screen with the possibility to “Download report” button. NOTE: the user can download a report only once.

Also, from the view of Figure 6.23 there is a possibility to select “Export alert by country” which generates a .zip file containing individual .csv files per country.

For the “Export selected” action, the user must first select alerts from the list before this action is enabled. The user can select one by one (1) in the list or by clicking the selection square on the “Alert id” column (2) which selects all alerts in the current page.

When alerts are selected and chosen to be exported by pressing “Export selected”, a pop-up will appear to select .CSV format. After clicking “Export”, a window appears where at least one column must be chosen.

The current release (AMS 2.0, Lilith) only allows to select current page alerts, meaning if the user navigates to another page, the selected alerts in the previous page get unselected

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