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EU HUB | Investigation Status Alert
EU HUB | Investigation Status Alert

What is the status of my Alert in the EU HUB?

Written by Lorenzo Mari
Updated over a week ago

Please fill out and send by email at the following form to initiate an investigation of alerts.

  • OBP Name -

  • Environment Name - (EMVO ITE, IQE or Production or ISV Sandbox)

  • Connection Type - (Gateway/Direct)

  • Middleware (other systems) – (eg SAP)

  • Common Name or Client ID- (eg M.1104.6 / 1104.6)

  • Organization ID: (eg 1502)

  • Client ID: (eg 3)

  • Alert ID:

  • Timestamp Alert:

In case of you being aware of Alerts that has been raised but still not received, please share the Correlation ID available on the Alert and we will investigate to investigate on our side.

Feel free to contact the EMVO Service Desk at


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