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EU Hub | Product Withdrawal

When and how to use the Product Withdrawal function?

Written by Lorenzo Mari
Updated over a week ago

A Product Withdrawal can be done for a product in the EMVS. Please be informed that such action is irreversible and market specific.

As the Product State (Active, Withdrawn) is the primary layer of the hierarchy of Status (Product State, Batch State, Pack State), it has an immediate effect on all batches and all packs associated with this product.

When a product is withdrawn, all packs associated with this product cannot be dispensed anymore. Hence, a product withdrawal is effective for all batches/packs.

In case a product will not be distributed in one affected market anymore (e.g. due to license termination), EMVO recommends creating a new version of PMD, which doesn't include the affected market anymore.

For new batch uploads, the affected market won't be included, however, the already issued batches, connected to a previous PMD version, can still be dispensed and are not withdrawn. Hence, a PMD update is effective for future batch/pack uploads only.

For further clarification on this article please feel free to contact the EMVO Service Desk at

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