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EU Hub | Pack State Undo Decommissioning
EU Hub | Pack State Undo Decommissioning

When and how the Undo Decommissioning can be performed?

Written by Lorenzo Mari
Updated over a week ago

A National System receives the pack code data and finds that the current state of the pack is:

  • Supplied

  • Exported

  • Checked-Out

  • Stolen

  • Sample

  • Free Sample

  • Locked

  • Destroyed.

The Undo Decommission will never be possible for packs that have been either Recalled, Withdrawn, or Expired.

National Systems will also check that the location of the client system that originally decommissioned the product is the same as that currently requesting the re-introduction.

The time between the Decommissioning and the Undo Decommissioning cannot exceed 10 days (unless Locked, which time is not defined).

If all these above conditions are met, the national system may update the pack status to «Active».

Remark: Undo Decommissioning attempts for packs in the status Stolen or Destroyed will not be successful in the National Systems.

For further clarification on this article please feel free to contact the EMVO Service Desk at helpdesk@emvo-medicines.euEU Hub | Pack State Undo Decommissioning

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