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EU Hub | Technical Investigation

How to start a technical investigation?

Written by Lorenzo Mari
Updated over a week ago

EMVO wants to ensure that all OBPs receive the most accurate and up-to-date information in the most efficient way.

To receive the information with regards to all known problems within the EMVS, EMVO strongly recommends you subscribe to EVI Newsletter (European Medicines Verification System Information).

In case your incident does not seem to be one of the ones described, we kindly request that you fill in the following form and send it by email at; in order for our developers to investigate the issue and any error message, you may have received.

Please ensure that you send us the failed call-back (if available), as well as the Correlation ID and Timestamps written, rather than attaching screenshots.

  • OBP Name -

  • Environment Name - (EMVO ITE, IQE, or Production)

  • Schema used (2018 or 2021) -

  • Connection Type - (Gateway/Direct)

  • Middleware (if possible) – (eg SAP)

  • Common Name or Client ID - (eg M.1104.6 / 1104.6)

  • Target Market -

  • Timestamps (UTC) - (ideally within 24 hours) -

  • Correlation ID - (from a message sent to the Hub)

  • Request Type - (e.g ProductMasterData Upload, SessionTokenRefresh, Report Request, ProductPackDataUpload) -

  • Error Message -

  • Description of the issue -

The EMVO Service Desk remains at your disposal at

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