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EU HUB - SR 1.12 Deployment (Downtime)
EU HUB - SR 1.12 Deployment (Downtime)

Outage/Downtime EU HUB during SR 1.12 deployment

Written by Lorenzo Mari
Updated over a week ago

EMVO can confirm the official deployment date of the EU Hub Release 1.12 in PRD:

• Release 1.12 will be ready for use in PRD at approx. 17:00 CET on 21st January 2023.

• There is an eight (8) hour downtime window starting at 09:00 CET on 21st January and ending at approx. 17:00 CET on 21st January.

For more information regarding the actions to be taken and the items covered in Release 1.12, we invite you to consult the Release Note, which together with the Software Development Kit (SDK) and other Technical Documentation associated with Release 1.12 are available in the Technical Information Pack on the OBP Portal.

Please note that Release 1.12 introduces new ciphers. For more information, please consult the above-mentioned documentation or contact EMVO Helpdesk. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Helpdesk.

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