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AMS - How to create teams and view alerts in the AMS Portal
AMS - How to create teams and view alerts in the AMS Portal
Written by Matisse Jubb
Updated over a week ago

The OBP Administrator Users can access the User Management screen where they can see their “OBP Name”, “User list” and their “Entities & Teams” through the drop-down menu at the top of the AMS Portal page.

If there are no teams or a new one is needed, the OBP administrator should click on the “Add team” button

First, the team name must created (1) and saved (2) so that markets and members can later be assigned to the team.

By clicking on the edit icon near “Alerts raised in:…” under the section “Alerts assigned”, the Administrator user can select the countries where alerts are raised in.

To assign a member to the team, click on “Add team member” and choose from an existing user in the list.

NOTE: if the user is not assigned to any team or if their team has no associated market, then the user will not see alerts in the Alert Management view. Same user can be assigned to several teams with the different markets and that user would see all alerts from the countries specified in these teams configuration.

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