AMS - How to Renew Secret

AMS Secret Renewal Process

Written by Floyd Cutinha
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The expiry date of a secret can be found in the Secret Management section of the AMS Portal.

Upon clicking on “Alerts”, the OBP should click on “Users management”. From there the OBP should click on “Secret Management” on the left of the screen. It can take some time for the page to load.

· To see your secret ID

· To see when your secret will expire

· To see the value of the secret (only at the creation)

· To create a new secret

· To delete your existing secret

Scenario 1: There is already one secret created.

In this case the OBP can click on “Add Secret” and a new secret will be created.

With the creation of this new secret, it will be the only time where an OBP is able to see its value and is able to copy it. The OBP must click on the “copy” icon to store the secret for later use.

Since a second created has been created on the account, the limit of secrets allowed is reached and the “Add Secret” button is disabled.

An OBP can delete the old secret by clicking the “delete” icon and click “Confirm” in the following pop-up window. Once the deletion has been completed, a green notification will confirm the deletion and the old secret will disappear from the list.

Scenario 2: There is no secret created yet.

As in Scenario 1, the OBP has to click on “Add Secret" if they do not have a secret created yet or began by deleting their secret.

A green window will pop to confirm the creation of the secret and appear on the OBP’s secret management dashboard.

As in Scenario 1, the creation of the new secret will be the only time an OBP can see its value and can copy it.

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