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#A3 Unknown Serial Number
#A3 Unknown Serial Number

Root causes of A3 Alerts

Written by Lorenzo Mari
Updated over a week ago

The #A3 Unknown Serial Number could caused by OBPs or by End-Users.

The root causes in case has been caused by OBP:

  • incomplete upload (serial number not uploaded or correct serial number not uploaded)

  • one element of the Data Matrix Code appears in the Serial Number field, because group separators have not been set properly

  • PSUM request done by Manufacturer reaching NMVS before Pack state change, generating alerts

  • misuse of (bulk) verification of packs by OBPs

The root causes in case has been caused by the End-User:

  • end-user software sends the wrong Serial Number, with a mismatch to the data encoded in the Data Matrix Code (e.g. incorrect reading of character cases, due to Y/Z transformation - UK/US vs DE keyboard)

  • the decoding software of the End-user was unable to correctly interpret the group separator characters and/or the scanner was incorrectly configured such that it failed to send the group separator characters

  • manual entry error by the End-User

  • failed scanning procedure: batch number incomplete (missing characters) or linear barcode (EAN code) attached to batch number.

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