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A67 | Voluntary Decommissioning Possible
A67 | Voluntary Decommissioning Possible

What is the warning A67?

Written by Lorenzo Mari
Updated over a week ago

Prior to the 9th of February 2019, the usage of the EMVS is on a voluntary basis; this includes the decommissioning of packs from the source market by the parallel distributors.

Depending on the pilot phase strategy a parallel distributor might decide to upload its own repacked batches without previously decommissioning the original packs; for example, in order to save effort or because the decommissioning processes are not in place yet.

In this situation, the European Hub accepts the upload and sends a warning A67 to the parallel distributor indicating that voluntary retrospective decommissioning is now possible.

Two different situations might occur here:

  • No repack buffer is available for the original batch.

  • A repack buffer is available for the original batch but with fewer remaining doses than required. This occurs since the parallel distributor has decommissioned for testing purposes only a part of the packs taken from the source market. The European Hub additionally reduces the repack buffer (set to zero at the end of the transaction).

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