AMS - How to create users in the AMS Portal

It is possible for administrator users to create users for their colleagues directly through the AMS Portal

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The OBP Administrator Users can access the User Management screen where they can see their “OBP Name”, “User list” and their “Entities & Teams” through the drop-down menu at the top of the AMS Portal page.

NOTE: By default, the Administrators are the SPOC and/or SPOC assistant for each OBP accordingly.

In order to use the AMS Portal, global users must be created first. This is available when the “User List” is selected on the left menu and “Add User(s)” is clicked.

There are only 3 mandatory details needed to be filled in: First name, Last name and Email.

Under the “Entities & teams“ section on the left menu, where all created teams of an OBP entity can be seen, choose“ Add administrator“ and choose from the list of users that were created.

NOTE: The AMS Portal does not send notification emails, once the user has been created, we advise they are informed and invited to log in the first time by resetting their password. Instructions can be found in this article.

NOTE 2: Unless a user is assigne to a team, they will not be able to view any alerts, please see this article for instructions.

For further clarification on this article please feel free to contact the EMVO Helpdesk.

Phone no: +32 2 657 00 08

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